Sunday, June 9, 2019

NEVER A COWARD UNTO DEATH - Great Piece on Suicide


Sometimes life throws punches at me.
Tomorrow life faces you, 
bringing to your doorstep lies, pain, regrets, failure, scars,and losses.
Another day, fortune doesn't smile at him.
It's her turn, light no longer illuminates her world.
We all are laden, and we thirst for comfort and relief.
You mourn your loss.
She weeps for her failure.
I yell at my fears.

But, he must not cry for he is a man.
Tears are for the weaklings, women and the effeminate, these he was told.
She is betrayed by her long time lover who had promised her heaven on earth.
Your multi-million naira investment crumbles over night.

I fail at my final exams, now, I have extra year.
His life becomes a nightmare since he was diagnosed of a life wrecking disease.
No daily booster to keep life moving anymore.
All becomes bleak for there is no sunshine.
Life mocks and laughs at you for you've become an object of ridicule.
Your life becomes miserable and turbulent.
Life has won you thought.

Depression creeps in like a stranger.
Life is no longer at ease as you expected.
Her inner strength has bade her goodbye.
No one cares about me-they laugh at my predicament.
You're uncertain you want this breath anymore.
Fear grips you and you listen to your own lies.
In your hand, some toxic substance to swallow.
Life must end at all cost.

Suicide, an option?
The reality is this-life happens to everyone: 
the old,the young, the famous, the unknown, the rich, the poor, man and woman.
When life throws punches at you -suicide is not the option!
When life weighs us down -suicide is not the remedy we yearn for.

Suicide never solves our problems. It neither gives us rest nor comforts us.
It stinks and sucks out the juicy life in us.
It leaves our loved ones bereaved 
and it forms wound that might not heal in them.

Suicide is not a sign of bravery but that of shame and guilt.
Alas, when you're gone because of your losses, regrets, scars, shame, fears and guilt, these challenges will laugh at your lifeless body and call you COWARD.

Never be a coward unto death!
Face life's issues squarely, fiercely and doggedly.
Suicide is not the option.
Are you depressed? Weary? Downcast? Rejected? Humiliated? Downgraded?
Crush your fears instead.

Talk to someone trusted today, and seek help,
Someone truly cares more than you know and feel,
Let my voice be heard, 
This is my outcry.

Never take your life,
In it lies potentials yet untapped and hidden treasure.
Tears are not signs of being weak.
Say NO to suicide.
There's always light at the end of the tunnel.
Boom! There is hope for you today.
A voice says, Suicide is not and will never be an option!

Author: Opebiyi Kofoworola


Anonymous said...

Great piece

Isaac Olakusehin said...

I love your poem sir