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The real essence of Education is to help individuals discover and develop their potentials. It wasn't meant to put you into confusion. 

Unfortunately, people pass through schools, through our so-called "Educational System" today and still come out more confused about their lives. It was not meant to be so!
Any Education (System of learning) that is not geared towards helping you discover and develop your potential is not Education but "Complication".

Education should help you discover "the real you" and help you develop; investing into you the necessary pieces of information and knowledge, with the aim of "Upgrading" you to the standard of your potential...

I tell you the truth; "the degree to which you are educated can affect your effectiveness in fulfilling your purpose". You must be armed with "Accurate and Targeted knowledge" that is poised with the goal of preparing you specifically in line with the potential that lies within you.

In order not to complicate people's lives in the name of education, it is necessary for us to acknowledge that every individual has a unique line of education he must undergo, which could or necessarily would be different from that of another individual. This is because; potentials vary from individual to individual. People may have similar traits but they can never be the same. 

Every "Human being" and I mean it when I say "Every Human being" has a unique purpose and potential. We are obligated to work as a team, but, we all have different potential differences, which are uniquely quantified; no matter how small or big. This determines the unique role every individual would have to play, to achieve a common goal.

The role of the Schooling is that; it is to play a major role in helping an individual develop his/her potential, through enlightening and empowering him/her in their given line of education, which is; targeted towards evolving the Uniqueness within them.

Take for instance: An individual who is carrying a potential that can bring about an "Innovative concepts in Music", such that he was meant to create a new genre of music never known before: it would be a colossal disaster if such an individual never had any form of training, teaching or mentorship in the line of music but was busy pursuing other things that have no power to empower him with the "Musical prowess" needed for his manifestation. Disregarding this, was equal to "denying his potentials", the necessary diets and nourishment it needs to develop. Giving him the knowledge that would have no relevance to this purpose is wickedness.

It would be wickedness for you to pass all men through a stereotyped kind of learning when each individual carries his own Uniqueness. It would be wickedness to streamline the minds of individuals towards a general perspective. This is a major killer of creativity.

We have such a poor system of developing minds in this Dispensation, because; we have made a mockery of the need to give specialized Knowledge to individual minds in accordance with their purpose. Forcing a child or a man, to go to school just to gain certificates in just anything, in order to get a job is a very wicked thing.

Every child must be given a chance to discover himself so he can pattern his Education in line with the discovery of himself.

This is why we can't underestimate the kind of Education that has to do with "Mentorship".
Mentorship is very key and powerful, as it has the power to teach and build people accurately. Through Mentorship from an individual, you can quickly discover yourself through; certain characteristics and trait you find in a mentor as a protege. Mentorship clarifies vision and Inspires hope. It gives hope by painting a picture of hope to the younger generation...

Through Mentorship, you are given a "clue" or an "expo" as to the things to work on yourself, to bring about the evolution of your potential.

The classroom system of learning is not as effective as "Mentorship". People get to learn faster and discover themselves easily when they are tutored through the "system of Mentorship"... This because; in Mentorship, you are permitted to be specific and intentional in the choice of leadership that mentors you. Through this, you can get accustomed to several Infrastructures that can equip you for your purpose.

I will advise that; Mentorship as a mode of Education, be adopted, and also, seen as a very key method of building potentials...

It's quite unfortunate that;  our generation does not value "Mentorship". A Mentorship system of Education sees you to an end until you are productive in the area you desire to be.

In the conventional schooling system, learning ends at the end of the semester or term, as long as the supposed curriculum have been treated. This is not effective enough to encourage Proper Education.

There are other modes of Education that must be Embraced especially in a country like ours to enhance development and in a bid to engage the minds of the people. We would look at some of them as time goes by. Mentorship is one of themBut, I would love to emphasize that: "going to school was not meant to reproduce another person, but it was meant to produce you; your real personality!"

Strive for the real you... Don't let anyone put you in a cage called the classroom. Seek to find yourself beyond the classroom... And you will get to love yourself the more and also appreciate the wealth inherent within your being.

Love you!

Courtesy: School of Investment
Signed: Smart Williams (CEO/MD, Smart Investment Consult)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I really love this piece of information.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I really love this piece of information.