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Your need for sleep and your sleep patterns change as you age, so this varies significantly across different age groups. There is no specified number of number of hours to sleep per-day, so there are helpful speculations. 

For instance, it is helpful for youths to sleep nothing more than 6-7 hours per day because, this is a period of life that determines how they'll spend their adulthood (either in poverty or in wealth). 

Babies initially sleep as much as 16 to 18 hours per day, why, this will their boost growth and development (especially of the brain). And also, they don't have stuffs to worry about as they would when they grow up to be youths and adults. So, sleeping is like a job for them to develop their brains for the future tasks ahead. 

While sleep for adults determine how they spend their youthful age. Unfortunately, when an adult wastes his youthful age sleeping, clubbing and doing little or nothing about his future, he'll spend his adulthood hustling after he's forced out of his parents house to fend for himself. So then, he'll start sleeping less and working more when his mates that hustled and slept less in their youths are doing vise versa.


Reports instead suggests that the secret to a long life lies in getting just enough sleep, which ends up being about 6.5 hours per night.

However, if you actually track the amount of time that people sleep using an actigraphy, most people sleep between 6.5 and 7 hours per night. Research supporting the need for at least 8 hours of sleep per night does not exist. 

In general, people are getting less sleep than they need due to longer work hours and the availability of round-the-clock entertainment and other activities. 

It was reported that kids' nightly sleep time has reduced by three-quarters of a minute for each year they studied. This should not be a surprising fact. As technology has taken over, and children are often over-scheduled, playing video games, watching TV and using iPads at night, bed times appear to slowly get pushed later and later. 

So in summary, I always suggest, we need to make sure our kids (school-age children and teens) are getting the sleep they need to grow both mentally and physically, which is about 8-10 hours, to get adequate rest and balanced state of mind for their school endeavours and other helpful engagements. While the youths keep focused, because this is the prime stage of life, there is no spare life anywhere like spare tyres, so make the most of out this one life.

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