Saturday, September 8, 2018

GOD OF ALL FLESH - Part 1 - The Misconceptions Of God


I wanted to title this article "Who is God" but I had a change of my mind because the knowledge about God and His Personality cannot be totally exhausted. Daily we thrive in knowing God the more. But for this segment, The God of All Flesh (Pt 1), we will treat a very important topic, The Misconceptions About God.

It is heartbreaking and sad that most have such an inferior and ill conception of God. And day by day I hear people say several things about God and I feel like, "What did you just say!" Below I will list some misconceptions people have about God. See if it applies to you. This is to make people grow and change their paradigms about Who God is.


1. God is the Universe. This is a misconception and understatement about the splendor and magnificence of God. God created this world, so He can't be limited to the size of the world. Don't limit God to the size of this world. Let’s go higher in God and get out of the habit of confining God to a box, He’s much greater and better than we can ever imagine!

2. God is too holy for you to have a relationship with Him. Of a truth, you don’t have the slightest amount of holiness within you to even put you in the presence of God. Fine, God is too holy to behold sin but one of His utmost need is our relationship with Him. The only way that you are able to get to God is through Jesus, and His perfect blood. Jesus bridges the gap between you and God. Also, the Bible makes it abundantly clear that God created man and that He created him for His glory (Isaiah 43:7). We fulfill our purpose of glorifying God also by living our lives in relationship and faithful service to Him (1 Samuel 12:24John 17:4). God longs for a relationship with you.

3. God doesn’t like people who aren’t perfect and super religious. Wrong. that’s why Jesus died. And as long as you’re alive, you will never be perfect. Someone may say, Jesus says, we should be perfect as God in Heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48). But when you read from verse 43 you'll know, in context "you are to be perfect" means "you are to love as God loves: without partiality". Paul wasn’t perfect either (Romans 7:15-25). Nevertheless, you have to press towards the mark of doing and being better each day (Philippians 3:13). The only one who will ever be perfect is God. Concerning religion, God seeks obedience and your love. Be spiritual, but not religious. Don't be so religious that you expect God’s presence in the form of fires, and wind, and earthquakes, yet you miss His still, small voice.

4. God is not necessary in your life for you to live. Bravo. How long can you hold your breath. The air that you breathe is not yours at all; it’s God’s: God breathed His breath into you (Genesis 2:7). Also, what did you eat and drink today? That food and water that you so unknowingly placed into your mouth today came to you, not from the store, not from your government, not from the local reservoir or your well, but from the rain water God sends down from heaven. That water sustains life and enables life to flourish. Having doubts about that? Well, go to a country where there is severe drought and lack of rain and see how long you survive (without clean water, without the agriculture that depends on water, and without the animals that depend on the agriculture or the water to drink). You would die of thirst, perhaps before you died of starvation. God is necessary in your life for your very survival (Matthew 6:25-34).

5. God doesn’t want you. He really does, and He invites you to turn unto Him and He will do the same to you ( Zechariah 1:3). God has specific thoughts for you and your life (Jeremiah 29:11). If you’re still having doubts about whether God wants to help you in life, God says, ‘Call unto me and I will answer…’ (Jeremiah 33:3). 

6. God is untouchable and too far out there for Him to be real in your life. God is not untouchable. You may not see Him but can ultimately feel His Presence. You can have an encounter with Him. There are men that have encountered God. Besides, Jesus died on the cross. That gave you access to God’s throne, and the ability to go before Him with your prayers and supplications (Matthew 27:51).

These are few out of several other misconceptions about God.

Everything created on earth has a creator, and the creator has a creator. But God is the only Creator without a Creator. 

In conclusion, the "god" whose plans can be thwarted is no "god" at all and should not be the object of our worship. I submit to you that our God is divine and infinite in everywhere and is not human in any way.

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