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ARE YOU THRIVING OR STRIVING - Facts About Thriving and Striving

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Thrive simply means to develop well or blossom. It means to flourish and prosper in whatever one does. When a person is said to be thriving, he is growing vigorously and blooming, doing well in his endeavours and making strides with successful results.


To strive means to struggle or fight vigorously. It means to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something. A person is striving when he tries hard to achieve something. Striving means to toil, labour and give one’s all to achieve one’s aim. Striving is to strain one’s self and devote serious effort to make something happen especially for a long time.


Mahatma Gandhi said, “The difference between what we do, and what we are capable of doing, would solve most of the world’s problems." There is a big difference between thriving and striving. When a man exerts himself and spares no effort or energy just to achieve something he is simply striving. Now, to the point, most people that solely rely on the government are striving and unfortunately will continue to strive. People that thrive are people that are hungry for improvement and are tired of the status quo, they believe that there's got to be more, than just sitting and relying on the government instead of changing things and making positive impacts. 

One major thing I love about people that thrive is that they don't lean on the government to succeed. In fact, the government love them and wants to spend time with them. Examples of these sets of people are categorized as the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Inter-Governmental Organisations (IGOs), and especially Private Individuals, among several other impact makers that are hungry to make impact and tired of sitting to watch some so-called 'magic' that the government will perform. Lots of government across the planet make promises upon promises called manifesto and doing little or nothing.

My love for creative people. My love for people that show that they have great potentials to change their world. A great mentor of mine, Myles Munroe wrote books on the subject 'Potential', and I will love you get a copy each; Discovering your potentials, Releasing your potentials and Maximizing your potentials. I can tell you, if you realize you have a potential and an idea comes to you, please work on it. Don't let it flip away, because when it does, that idea might not come to you again. And in fact, the next time you might hear about such idea another person will have started working on it and you will wonder, 'I once had an idea but now its being executed by another individual.' God is not bias and doesn't waste His resources. God is a God of ideas and He has lots of resources to carry them out.

A thriving mindset is defined by continually challenging oneself towards progressing and developing. While a striving mindset is not necessarily progressing, but labouring, straining, toiling, struggling and fighting. This is actually a call to upgrade yourself from a 'striver' to a 'thriver'. Thriving is not being satisfied. A 'thriver' wants to be a better person; be a better spouse, parent, child, student, and friend, being more supportive or just being there more. Challenging yourself to have a better career, being more fulfilled, being more rewarded. Challenging yourself individually to constantly question who you are and whether this is in line with who you want to be.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to continually improve aspects of your life, it is just important to be aware of what is most important to you. I think everyone has the potential in them to be better. Wanting to do so is the first step, doing the little things necessary to get there is what thriving is all about. 

Though, taking this steps aren't as easy as it seems, but it takes that 'extra' to become 'extraordinary'. It won't be easy to start working on that idea, sometimes you might be scared to begin but do it and don't let fear step in. 'Fear of failure' has caused lots and lots of people to be eventual failures in life. It's better to start it and fail than to be neutral, because, at least you've learnt something you did not know before and in fact what you learnt no one might be able to sit you down to teach you, but your experience as taught you, and you'll keep improving. NEVER GIVE UP! Yes start that business idea and stop day-dreaming and waiting for that government of yours.

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