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One of the most important questions asked during interviews is about one's value that will be added to the company or organisation, "How will you add value to our company?" This is a question asked by most companies, firms, industries, organisations, institutions, consortium among others. The greatest danger you face in the job market today, quite frankly, is that you are essentially replaceable. If you are not valuable, but just usable, you can be replaceable in the long run. The value you create determines how irreplaceable you become in your field.

I believe employees who truly care about their jobs and the companies they work for are consistently evaluating how they can add value. Creating value is what distinguishes good employees from those you simply can’t do without. Creating value is what makes you irreplaceable. The value you add, the more irreplaceable you become.

One of the closest and clearest example to give is Cristiano Ronaldo. After his departure from Real Madrid to Turin in Italy, he is now irreplaceable at Madrid (as at 2018-19 season); the superstar has not been replaced and it is so difficult to replace him. In fact, football analysts says, he is very difficult to replace. No one can boldly say he can replace the Portuguese. He was so invaluable that, statistically, he scored 450 goals in 438 appearances during nine seasons spell at the Spanish capital, breaking records upon records across many competitions. The superstar now has more fans than any player in the world, in fact than most celebrities, both on social media and in the stadium (before spectators). And now he is expected to make some waves in Juventus, where he'll most likely end his career as a footballer.

There are those who succeed, and there are those who become irreplaceable. We can all think of people on earth who were/are so valuable that they became irreplaceable; extremely valuable and tough to replace. If you want to dominate in this fast paced economy, you must stand out and take control of your future. If you don't, you'll quickly become out-dated or old-fashioned.

The A and B students are working for the companies the C and D students own. Businesses established by students that have been looked down on as potential wastes in the society are now making waves far beyond imaginations because they discovered themselves, built capacity and developed themselves. Seth Godin talks about the term Linchpin which Google describes as “a person or thing vital to an enterprise or organization.” I call it “Being irreplaceable."

If you’re in your 18 to 22 age range or just coming out of university, this is a very paramount advice for you. The people who end up having long careers, successful careers that flourish over time not just 10 years but 20, 40, 60 years are people who bring out their quality and uniqueness. People like Larry Page of Google and Steve Jobs of Apple among others are not replaceable because they’ve created a skill set that can’t be matched by anybody else. When you become irreplaceable, you stand out amidst the majority and can pick and choose the opportunities you take on. BEING UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT SIMPLY MEANS YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE. 

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