Sunday, July 29, 2018


Cristiano Ronaldo, who is arguably the best footballer in the world faced what several children today faces. His father undervalued when he gave an insight about his future. He was trivialised and sidelined to come out as someone meaningful in life. In fact, Cristiano said he longed for vibrant relationship with his father but he was frequently drunk even to stupor, he was given to drunkenness and stupor, and the former Real Madrid star said he didn't have the chance to speak and know his father as he should. Today, he is known for his success in what he believes he can do with his life. To children, don't underestimate yourself even when your father says you can't make it. Someone may say, that's what a mother can never say. Smiles. In most cases its true mothers can't say that about the children they labour for and on.

Today's article is on both children and parents. Its amazing a father cannot believe his child can make it in life. Parents, be mindful of belief in impossibilities in the lives of your children. It is very hazardous. When your child says something about his future, believe with him. Or else, if he's not strong enough he can give up on what he can make out of his/her life. 

To children reading this, be mindful of what you hear, even from your parents. Of course, they don't mean bad for you but the best. But dear, when you see them saying some things that are limiting your vision, filter them. Its your life not their life. It may not be intentional from them, but be intentional about your future and your destination. 

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