Sunday, July 29, 2018



This beautiful inspiring words from 'arguably' the best player on the planet is pertinent. It's not enough to have dreams upon dreams, visions upon visions, plans upon plans, but it's important we show them and not just have or tell them. 

It's amazing how people find joy in talking about what they want to do or dream of achieving, without working towards it. Step up towards your goals and achieve them. But seriously, its not just about turning dreams to reality, there are sacrifices to pay, there are things to do. There are extraordinary things to do to leave the category of ordinary people around you. That extra is what makes you different

There are lots of people that know where there are going, and that's the only information they have, nothing more than that. They don't know how to get there, they don't know people that have gone there, they don't even know what it means to get there. This is a deep self-deceit, that's so costly. 

So, what can we do? What's the solution? I will be giving few tips among several others on how to work towards your goals and achieve them:
1. Have a mentor or a role model: This is a person that is where you are going to, so you need some advice from him/her or information from concerning how he successfully thrived and thriving.
2. Be intentional about it: Be intentional about your future. Ask yourself: Is my goal my intention or someone's intention for me. Is this what I intended to do with my life? Also take intentional steps. Intentional here means deliberate and purposeful.
3. Read books that are in-line with your goals: A doctor cannot only enjoy reading books on football or engineering, he can never be a successful physician, in fact his patients are at risk. 
4. Sacrifice, when it is needed: There are times you need to sacrifice some resources, money, time, comfort etc. Those times are times self-encouragement are important. Every time is not a time for sacrifice, there are times wisdom is required not sacrifice. So sacrifice is to be done when its needed.

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